Buttermilk and Chalk?

This week at the Perry Hall Art Center (see the Perry Hall Art Center blog, under the blog roll, for details) we:

Painted with chalk and buttermilk – this was fun, and I finally realized why buttermilk works to make the chalk brighter. The milk holds the chalk on the paper, thicker….it seems so obvious now. Thank you Alissa for the idea. I miss LIAM!!!!!

Collaged with Hans Hoffman images and textured papers – Too cool. I am framing the one Ari and Adrian did together. Below are two photos that perfectly illustrate open-ended art. Same materials, same process, totally different outcomes.

Drew with Bingo Dabbers and markers – A simple activity that everyone loves

Beaded with colored pasta – At first the pasta, pony beads, and foam beads were seperated. Eventually they were all combined due to the curiosity of our young guests. This turned out to be for the best. The combination of all three made for a great sensory experience. I am not sure many bracelets were made…

I just love this photo. The brush is moving so fast it is blurred…you go girl!


3 Responses to “Buttermilk and Chalk?”

  1. Susan Johnson Says:

    Thank you for taking Olivia’s picture and posting it on your blog! She loves your class Ellen. We look forward to Tuesday’s now.

  2. Alissa Says:

    Look at that paint brush go!!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Use more yellowwwww! Apparently she has her grandmother’s love for art! xox

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