What Could A Toddler Do At An Art Center Anyway?

When I started planning for the art center over a year ago, a lot of folks asked, “What could a toddler do at an art center?”  “What could they possibly learn?”

Below are several photos of the same toddler (under two years old) at the art center.

What do you think he is doing and learning? Please submit your answers in the comment section below.


5 Responses to “What Could A Toddler Do At An Art Center Anyway?”

  1. julia Says:

    GREAT pics of the boy in action. I think it gives a wonderful depiction of how tactile kids are & how this can be a great experience.

  2. Juliane Says:

    Carlo really enjoys your art class! It is a great way for him to experience all the different materials and textures, to learn about colors and using his hands and fingers for painting, stamping, glueing and so much more! Thanks a lot for this wonderful class!

  3. Hilary Says:

    My 2 year olds learn a great deal at your art class. You have such creativity in coming up with different projects each week, it’s wonderful exposure for the kids. And as a mother of multiples, I’m happy that my boys are getting so much hands-on art experience and that the mess is not at my house!

  4. Uncle Says:

    Well done! The only downer concerning these wonderful pictures is – knowing the father of this little artist – the fact that Carlo’s artistic capability is limited to the point where he’s at right now!

  5. Alissa Says:

    He learns so much in each of the pictures above.

    He learns…

    … that knowledge doesn’t always come from books.

    … that learning can be fun!

    … that he can paint horizontally (on the table) and vertically (on the easel).

    … that when two colors mix they make a new color.

    … that when glue comes out of the bottle it’s soft and sticky but, when it dries on your fingers it’s hard and crunchy.

    ….shapes, colors and textures.

    …that thing like aprons have multiple uses. They can be used in the kitchen, a workshop or in the art room.

    …that some things can change their shape. The ball of dough started round, was rolled flat and then cut into a shape.

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