Ok…trying to hold back my excitement. As you all know I am all about open-ended art, art which focuses on process over project. Well, the premier authority on open-ended art (in my opinion) Maryann Kohl has visited this site!!!! She has offered to let me give away one of her books to one of my lucky blog subscribers.

Features 50 of the most delightfully messy mud activities from the original Mudworks but with full Spanish translations alongside the English version.  Subscribe to this blog before April 1st and have a chance to win this book. The winner will be chosen through

Also, during the month of April I will be posting every day for 30 days (30 days of easel activities.)….so subsribe to this blog now for your daily dose of open-ended art.


6 Responses to “Mudworks!!!!!!”

  1. Alissa Says:

    That’s so awesome. You go! And, Hooray for Mudworks and Ms. Kohl.

  2. Welcome To Our Wonderland Says:

    Oh How totally awesome!!!!! I love her books and haven’t ever seen this one at our library!

    your so write she is the number 1 authority on Open Art!

  3. Welcome To Our Wonderland Says:

    I subscribed! fingers and toes crossed

  4. julia Says:

    Soooooo excited. Haven’t heard of the book but my youngest LOVES anything messy! If I don’t win the free book, I’ll definitely pick it up at the local bookstore!!!! That was very kind of Ms. Kohl to donate the book!!!

  5. Necolle Says:

    Excellent! I subscribed – looking forward to your daily updates!

  6. MaryAnn Kohl, art author Says:

    Can’t wait to see who wins!
    ~ MaryAnn Kohl
    Visit my website for free art ideas from all of my books.

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