Easel Activities #4

Play With Your Food

Carrots (as in these photos,) celery, leeks…..almost any vegetable with a stem can become a unique brush for painting. But what’s the point? What do they learn from painting with something other than a standard brush? Well…aside from providing an opportunity for them to create using a variety of textures, toddlers will simply enjoy the uniqueness of the situation. Who knows, maybe once they have created with a veggie, they will be more likely to eat it! Another plus, all you have to do is look in your refrigerator for instant art supplies.


One Response to “Easel Activities #4”

  1. julia Says:

    I agree I think it gives them another way to “think outside of the box” & it could help them to try something new. There’s a book called Fast Food & the boys love it when I turn their food into something else (that they eat.)

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