Easel Activities #5


A few years back a friend of mine won an award and had a piece of his artwork displayed at the Baltimore Museum of Art. His medium was mud. That’s right, mud mixed with…well….mixed with Southern Comfort Whiskey. Since this is about art for toddlers, I suggest you use mud and water instead. Use more water for a lighter shade, less for a thicker medium and darker shade. We used mud from a few different locations in our yard to get different colors. WARNING: this activity is likely to self-destruct into an all out mud-a-thon, so have your hose ready.


One Response to “Easel Activities #5”

  1. julia Says:

    What a GREAT idea! You could start off on a nature walk taking samples of dirt along the way! Everyone loves to play with mud, a brush, water, & a hose!!

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