Easel Activities #6

Paint Cups

A few thoughts about paint. First, the small containers of paint that come in a 6 – 8 pack of colors (made by a company that shall remain nameless but it rhymes with shmayola,) are not worth it. Purchase larger bottles of non-toxic paint at any craft store. Remember 5 colors will make a multitude of combinations (red, yellow, blue, white and black.)

Second, stop wasting paint and cut down on spills by purchasing or making your own paint cups. The one pictured below was made from an old frosting container. When your child is done for the day with the paint cup cover up the hole with a piece of masking tape. The cups you purchase from the craft store usually come with a lid and are a little fancier….however, when you accidentally forget about the paint in your paint cup and it dries to a consistency you are too tired to deal with, you can feel guilt free when you throw out the recycled frosting container.


3 Responses to “Easel Activities #6”

  1. Alissa Says:

    Love this. So easy, so cheap and so useful.

  2. Hilary Says:

    Great idea!

  3. julia Says:

    Save the Planet! LOVE the idea of recycling the container!!!

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