Easel Activities #8


A lot of folks have asked where to go to find a good easel? Well, that depends, how much do you want to spend?

My favorite easel is the one pictured in most of the photographs. I purchased them from IKEA, and they have an attachment for a roll of paper, which IKEA also sells. If you live near an IKEA (as I do) they are $14.00, if you order it online they are $30.00.

You can also find easels at yard sales. It may not be your ideal easel, but some kid’s easels can go for as high as $150.00.

Another option is to make your own. Pictured below is an easel made from a pizza box. Invert it and fold it in half.  Then, tape down both sides with duct tape. Use it once and paint directly onto the card board, or use it over and over by hot gluing clothespins to the box to hold paper.

I have seen this done using the other side of the box. Advantage: a handy shelf to contain drips. Disadvantage: grease spots.


4 Responses to “Easel Activities #8”

  1. Alissa Says:

    “A Plus” for creativity! What a great way to use something you plan on tossing out anyway.

  2. Jenelle Says:

    I love the pizza box idea! Ingenius! 🙂

  3. julia Says:

    Way to “Go Green.” Love the idea of the built in drip tray & hotgluing the clothespins. Will have to order pizza right now!

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