Easel Activities #13

Fly Swatter

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Get ready for a splattering good time with this activity! Many of our little artists were taking a “Batter’s Up” stance to create their pieces of art. WARNING: Do not attempt to stop your child once they have started. They will pass out from exhaustion when they are done, until then…stand back!


3 Responses to “Easel Activities #13”

  1. Alissa Says:

    It was great to see him in splatter-action. Definitely a good outdoor easel activity with the extraneous paint splatter.

  2. julia Says:

    I agree, doing at home, clean up would work better if done outside. Maybe even experimenting with “flicking” the top of the swatter would create different patterns.

  3. Amber Says:

    Ah! We are doing this next week. We did flowers this week and are moving into bugs and such next week. So I have a flower shaped swatters and butterfly shaped swatters. I’m hoping for nice weather so we can do this outside!

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