Romare Bearden Part II

Glue Prints


Always focusing on the process over the product, Romare Bearden often experimented with new ways of creating. As soon as I saw a collagraph print he created by dripping glue onto cardboard, I knew I had a process for our art center participants to try.  See the beautiful results below.

 Begin the process by having your toddler squirt/drip tackky glue over a piece of cardboard. If your toddler is not strong enough to squeeze the bottle, squeeze it for them, but allow their arms to move the bottle. Tacky glue will work best, school glue may dry too flat to create a clear print.

After the Tacky glue dries, roll or brush paint over the surface of the cardboard. Then lightly press a piece of paper over the top. Slowly peel the paper away from the surface, and voila….a masterpiece. Complementary colors will work best (ex. black paper/white paint, yellow paper/purple paint.)

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3 Responses to “Romare Bearden Part II”

  1. julia Says:

    This was totally awesome. And Zachary was surprised that he could do more with the art he had created last week. A lot of fun!

  2. Naomi Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing these great ideas!

  3. kate Says:

    i love that you did this! i just saw Bearden’s glue collographs for the first time in an exhibit recently and thought what a great project for young artists. Great to see how wonderful it turns out, I will be borrowing your technique.

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