Easel Activities #30!!!!!!!!!!YeeHoo!!!!!!

Paint Popsicles

Freeze paint in ice cube trays or in popsicle trays. Bring them out on a sunny day; they work better as they melt. Although I started with paint popsicles, in the end my artist decided he liked holding the ice in his hand better.

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I love NaBloPoMo

2 Responses to “Easel Activities #30!!!!!!!!!!YeeHoo!!!!!!”

  1. julia Says:

    I bet this would be great on a hot day. They get to paint & stay cool!

  2. Cherry Blossoms « Open-Ended Art For Young Children Says:

    […] Ok..I probably should have posted this in the early Spring. I was a little too focused on the 30 days of easel activities at the […]

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