Book Give-A-Way and Review

Pocket Doodles

After my great experience with Mary Ann Kohl – I have decided to do one, book give-a-way each month. To enter you just need to subscribe to this blog by clicking on the subscribe button to the right by May 31st.  If you have already subscibed, your set. Share this link with friends and encourage them to join as well.

The first set of books I am going to review are published by Gibbs-Smith publishers. They are a small publisher with lots of great offerings, the kind you find in out of the way quirky independent bookshops.

There are three books in the “Pocket Doodle” series, “Pocket Doodles for Boys”, “Pocket Doodles for Girls” and “Pocket Doodles for Kids”.

Each book is approximately 280 pages. 280 pages of incredibly imaginative drawing prompts for kids who like to draw, but are always asking, “What should I draw?” I gave my six your old “Pocket Doodles for Boys,” to keep him occupied on a 5 hour plane ride from Albuquerque to Baltimore. He was happily engaged drawing for most of the time, I barely heard a peep, except for the giggles I heard from him as he read the prompts.

For Example, one page is as follows:

A small shark with its mouth open has been drawn in the lower right hand corner of the page. The drawing prompt reads: Lunch: Draw what (or who) the shark is eating!

Or in “Pocket Doodles for Kids,” my favorite is as follows:

A bed has been drawn on the page. The drawing prompt reads: A strange creature is sleeping in this bed.

Although there are prompts, nothing is dictated to the mini-illustrator as to how something should be drawn – it is entirely open-ended.

These books are a lot of fun; and trust me you will enjoy giggling with your child about what they drew as much as they enjoyed drawing it.

Below are images of each book, you can click on any of them to get to their detail page on the Gibbs-Smith site. You can also purchase the books through the detail page.


If you have any of these books please leave a comment about it on this blog.

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I love NaBloPoMo

Next week, a new open-ended activity for tots to enjoy.


5 Responses to “Book Give-A-Way and Review”

  1. welcome to our wonderland Says:

    sounds great! fingers crossed!

    I subscribe

    my blog addy has changed from wordpress to blogger check it out if you want! 🙂

  2. Alissa Says:

    Oooh, these look like fun. Hope we win.

  3. Hadassah Says:

    Thanks so much for these suggestions! I get stumped as to what to draw myself much less how to encourage the kids!
    Also… thanks 100 million for the 30 days of easel painting! My kids LOVED the new ideas.

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