June Book Give-A-Way

The Siblings’ Busy Book is a 433 page book “chock full” of simple activities you can do with your children. If you looked up “chock full” in the dictionary you would see a picture of this book. I defy anyone to look through this book and not find numerous activities you can do with your children.

Why is it called “The Siblings’ Busy Book?” The book itself is one in a series of “Busy Books,” all published by Meadowbrook Press. This particular busy gives not only activity suggestions, but also gives suggestions for how to differentiate the activity for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and school-age children. So…you can choose one activity, but find ways to interest your children of varying ages in the same activity. Some of the activities are ones you probably already do, such as making Piñatas, but you may have difficulty figuring out how to let your toddler in on the fun..this book will tell you how.

The book categorizes activities into 11 fun filled chapters: Rainy Day Fun, Let’s Pretend, Music and Movement, Outdoor Adventures, Out and About, Learning and Exploring, Team Family, World Family, Arts and Crafts (my favorite,) In The Kitchen, Seasons and Holidays.

To have read more about the book visit its detail page on the Meadowbrook Press website.

If you want a chance to win this book, please share one of my activities this month on your blog, face book page or website. Send me a comment to let me know.


7 Responses to “June Book Give-A-Way”

  1. Necollehat a great idea to make one actiity Says:

    What a great idea to make one project interest everyone!

  2. Nadine Saubert Says:

    With three children ages 3,7,9 I would LOVE this book. I will put your page on my FB page in hopes of a chance in winning

  3. Nadine Saubert Says:

    FYI- I just tried to add salad spinner art to my FB page following your share link but it comes up as something else???

    • Ellen Says:

      Type “facebook” into the search bar when you click on the share link – you will see the Facebook Icon – then click on teh Facebook Icon.

  4. Cherry Blossoms « Open-Ended Art For Young Children Says:

    […] Open-Ended Art For Young Children « June Book Give-A-Way […]

  5. julia Says:

    Where do you find these awesome books? I agree with Nadine’s comment, people with multiple children will really benefit from this!!

  6. Alissa Says:

    Posted a link to “Cherry Blossoms” on Facebook.

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