Cherry Blossoms

Ok..I probably should have posted this in the early Spring. I was a little too focused on the 30 days of easel activities at the time.

This open-ended experience combines two processes, string painting and finger print stamping.

To do the string painting part:

Put a small amount of paint in a shallow tray. Add a couple tsps of water to dilute it a bit. Tie one end of a string to a popsicle stick. Let your child hold the popsicle stick like a handle and drag the string through the paint. Then have your child drag or drop the string over or on the paper.

To do the finger print stamp part:

Cut a sponge to the size of a small containter (glad disposable, etc.) Add a  few tbsp of water to your paint and pour it over the sponge. Press your fingers on the sponge a few times to force the paint to permetate through the sponge. Allow your child to press his/her fingertips on the sponge and then on his/her paper.

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One Response to “Cherry Blossoms”

  1. Gail Says:

    I just found your blog (love it!) My 5 year-old is very inspired to start using her easel again. We do lots of art but have not been using our easel lately. Thanks for reminding us of easel joy!

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