Nature: Seed Paper You Can Plant

I am just providing a link for this one. How To Make Seed Paper You Can Plant.

I have made paper with children from three years of age all the way through eight graders. It is something everyone loves. It’s messy, creates something usuable from unwanted paper, and this version can be planted in the spring to grow flowers.

I have seen and read many articles about making paper over the years, I chose this one for one simple reason, it doesn’t suggest you use or make a frame for shaping the pulp. Of course, you can use a frame, but this article gently explains that it really isn’t necessary. Unless you are trying to create perfect writing paper (I assume you are not since you are look at this blog for things to do with your young children,) then you do not need a frame.

The article comes from a blog titled “Urban Debris,” which has lots of awesome ideas.

Once your homemade paper is dry, have your child color on it with water color paints. Homemade paper makes an incredible canvass for water color. Then attach each piece to an index card and give as a gift.

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