Giving: Touch The Art

Book review #2. When Sterling Publishing asked me to review the books in their Touch The Art series I thought, “Easy Peasy.” I had already purchased on my own every book in the series, twice. One set for my kids, and one set for the art center.

I can not say enough about how cool these books are. The book is simple, famous artwork is  displayed on each page, but there is something within each image that can be touched. For example, in the L’Etoile (The Star) by Edgar Degas, below, you can see that the tutu is 3 dimensional – the tutu is actually a piece of Tulle. This ingenious concept truly makes the introduction to art appreciation multi-sensory.

Along with each image, there is also a short rhyme. Children’s books are usually evaluated based on their illustrations. What better illustrator to introduce your child to than artists like Van Gogh and Monet.

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One Response to “Giving: Touch The Art”

  1. Melody Says:

    Oh, that is wonderful! I am going to have to look for these!

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