COLOR: Parchment paper transfer

Not only is parchment paper great for baking, it has so many uses for art projects. For this project, tape a piece of parchment paper to your table. You can also put it in a baking sheet and hold it down with magnets.

Then have your child spend time coloring in the entire sheet. The more crayon on the paper, the better this works.

Finally, turn the parchment paper over and place it face down on a piece of white paper. Have your child scribble over the back of the parchment paper with a craft stick. When they lift up the parchment they can see that the wax from the crayon transferred to the paper.

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One Response to “COLOR: Parchment paper transfer”

  1. Alissa Says:

    I also loved the parchment activity that we did at the art center last year where we placed masking tape on parchment paper and then painted. Once the paint dried, we removed the tape for a super cool design.

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