Color and Giving: Crayon Cookies

Hello – this is going to be short, but I hope helpful post.

Last year at the art center I needed a way to have crayons that the smallest artists could use. After I made a set of crayon cookies, lots of folks asked me for the “recipe.”  Well, here it is:

Preheat your over to 250 degrees

Unwrap three crayons for each “cookie” you want to make and chop them up

Get a disposable mini-muffin tin

Press yor fingers into the bottom of each muffin section to round out the bottom. The rounded bottom will make it easier for your little one to hold onto the crayon cookie.

Fill each muffin tin with crayon pieces. Make sure to group warm colors together and cool colors together.  Too much mixing of crayons will give you brown. In your mind you will be makign a rainbow crayon, but what will come out will be more like a mud pie.

Place tin in the oven (put an oven liner underneath for wax spills.) Cook until the crayons are mostly melted.

Cool off in the cold outdoors – the colder your tin gets, the easier the crayons will pop out of the tin. You can also put the tin in the freezer.

A small collection of these with some construction paper also makes a  nice gift.


2 Responses to “Color and Giving: Crayon Cookies”

  1. April Says:

    I have done a similar activity but used plastic candy molds from the craft store. We poured melted wax into the molds, a little at a time. Allowing one layer to cool partly before adding the next allowed us to make rainbow crayons. I was thinking it would be really fun to do heart shapes and give them out as valentine’s gifts.

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