Giving: I-Spy

Seriously, by today’s standards I do not think I buy my kids too many toys. However, between happy meals and birthdays and grandparents….the kids seem to accumulate a lot of toys.

Every year at this time when I KNOW, more toys will be coming in to the house, I always have my children pick out toys they no longer play with, but are still in good condition. In the past I have given them a box to fill, which they HAVE to fill. We then donate the toys.

This year is the first year my kids every complained about it. Now, I have been weeding out all year, so it is possible that they were really attached to their toys, but I do not think so. So, I filled a box with toys I thought they no longer played with. They were then allowed to go back through the box and pick out five toys each to save.

After the toys were sorted out the kids made I-Spy arrangements on a whiteboard with the toys we were donating. We took pictures of each arrangement (see above photo.) To get a copy of all of the photos, send me an e-mail.

By the end the day the kids were excited to be giving away thier toys.

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2 Responses to “Giving: I-Spy”

  1. Melody Says:

    Good idea! Reposting this on my blog today…

  2. Five for Friday… « Melody's Musings… Says:

    […] needs a toy cleanout before the holidays (and birthday too in our case!), go read today’s Giving: I-Spy post! (Ellen is also a NaBloPoMo […]

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