Sculpture Collage

have you been saving toilet paper rolls thinking, “someday I am going to use these for something?” Well today is your day. If you haven’t been saving them, just throw them in a drawer in your bathroom everytime a roll runs out. You will be surprised, amazed even at how quickly they will add up.

For this activity I had my son sponge paint every tube I had aquired. He loves this activity, you may recall that from a previous post. I put out a couple plates of paint and a few different types of sponges and let him at it.

Once the tubes are dry, cut them, or let your child cut them in to small rings.

Put tacky glue on a small plate or plastic lid. Let your child dip the rings in to the glue and affix to another piece of cardboard. As I have said before, cardboard is the best canvass for collage work. I get these long pieces of cardboard from the fabric store. I just ask the folks behind the fabric counter if they have any of them from when they finish cutting a bolt of fabric. They always do.

After a few hours the tacky glue was dry enough to stand the collage upright. This sculpture collage is now hanging in my kids playroom.

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I love NaBloPoMo

4 Responses to “Sculpture Collage”

  1. Sculpture Collage « Open-Ended Art For Young Children | Says:

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  2. Rachelle Says:

    Hi Ellen,
    Brilliant! Please consider sharing this and/or your other TP activity on my blog!
    Cheers, rachelle

  3. Amber Says:

    Another lovely idea…so simple but a change to the same ol’. Thanks!

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