Cabin Fever Post #1: Zen Fun With Shaving Cream

Let me begin by saying…. shaving cream is not as messy as you might think (isn’t that right Katie?)

For a fun, sensory, and totally mess free activity spray an entire bottle of shaving cream on your kitchen table. The stuff from the dollar store works great! Let your child use the table as a canvass where they can draw in to the shaving cream. Throw in a bunch of googley eyes or jingle bells and they can form snow men from the shaving cream. The shaving cream will disappear right into their clothes as it dries, and is a piece of cake to wipe off of your tables.

My camp counselors introduced me to the beauty of shaving cream as a means to clean off tables after a messy craft activity.

Of course, just like frosty will melt as it gets hotter,  your children’s shaving cream creations will also disappear.


One Response to “Cabin Fever Post #1: Zen Fun With Shaving Cream”

  1. Katie Says:

    Such a fun activity! And it makes the kids smell wonderful!

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