even MORE fun with shaving cream : Marbelizing

Create marbelized papers with this simple technique using shaving cream.

You will need:

Shaving cream, a paper plate or tray, a piece of cardboard, paint, brushes and paper (construction paper will work best, but cardstock will also work.)

First: Put a 1 inch layer of shaving cream on your paper plate or tray. Level the shaving cream with your cardboard. Children should gently paint designs on top of the shaving cream. Demonstrate “gentle” for your child. You don’t really want them digging in to the shaving cream.

Second: Gently swirl paint and gently press a piece of paper on to the design

Third: Lift off the paper. You will see shaving cream blobbed all over the paper. Adult should then scrape shaving cream off of the paper with the cardboard. Once the shaving cream is dry you can rub off remaining shaving cream with a towel.

Warning: Activity likely to devlove in to a shaving cream explosion

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One Response to “even MORE fun with shaving cream : Marbelizing”

  1. Amber Says:

    Loved that last picture No soap needed in that batch of laundry. 🙂 Am definitely going to try this technique for coloring paper. Great for vases and flowers. Hmmm…wish this week wasn’t so filled up! Will have to do it another time. Thanks for the idea!

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