Basic Salt Dough Recipe and Other “Trapped Inside” Activies

The snow is coming!!!!! Yay!!!!!

Here are some ideas for occupying your little ones:

1. Basic Salt Dough Recipe: 1 cup flour, 1/2 cup salt, 6 to 7 TBSP of water, 1 TBSP Vegetable Oil
Keep dough in an airtight bag and refrigerate to keep it fresh. Consider also adding: peppermint, vanilla or cinnamon extract, unsweetened cocoa powder and food coloring. Allow you child to use, plastic forks and knives, cookie cutters, rolling pins, shells, rocks..anything that has texture for cutting and stamping.

2. Fill shampoo bottles or spayers with water and food coloring. Let your child spray and squirt in the snow.

3. Collage with puzzle pieces (from puzzles that are already missing pieces of course.)

4. Torn paper collage. Let your child tear up pieces of paper, then glue them to another piece of paper. Then add crayons for a mixed-media creation. Better – tear up those holiday cards you have been meaning to recycle. Best – well, I think it’s best, repurpose old artwork by letting your child tear or cut it and make a new creation with it.

5. On the left hand side of this page (the home page) is a category called “Super Crazy Easy.” All activities in this category are super crazy easy to do. Perfect for indoors. Take a look.

Of course, before doing any of these activities, enjoy the snow and play outside until your feet, fingers and lips are frozen.


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