School Projects

Obviously I love open ended assignments, but occasionally the product does matter…

I have officially entered the world of school projects, as my son brought his first project assignment home. He had chosen to create a mobile to represent a favorite scene from “Stuart Little.” Suddenly my mind (as aged and experienced as it is) opened to all of the creative solutions for his project.

My brain told me that this was his project, but my gut wanted to “steer” him in the right direction. So, I called a good friend to ask her what she had done before, to ask how much “guidance” she has given in the past.

She told  me to have my son sketch what he wanted his project to look like, then to use my experience to show him how to make his vision a reality. For example, when he drew his vision of his mobile, he said he wanted to paint the wall blue behind it to show the water. I had to explain that he couldn’t take his wall to school with him on the day of the presentation, and then asked him what else he could use. He chose blue fabric, but when we went to the craft store he zoomed right to the ric-rac (I love this boy!)

He also drew seagulls above the mobile….we then had to discuss how to make that happen.

Anyway…the project looked great in the end, and it was his vision, not mine.


2 Responses to “School Projects”

  1. julia Says:


  2. Debbie Phillips Says:

    That is so great!!! The final project looks just like the original drawing! Love it!!!!!

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