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Giving: Touch The Art

November 10, 2010

Book review #2. When Sterling Publishing asked me to review the books in their Touch The Art series I thought, “Easy Peasy.” I had already purchased on my own every book in the series, twice. One set for my kids, and one set for the art center.

I can not say enough about how cool these books are. The book is simple, famous artwork is  displayed on each page, but there is something within each image that can be touched. For example, in the L’Etoile (The Star) by Edgar Degas, below, you can see that the tutu is 3 dimensional – the tutu is actually a piece of Tulle. This ingenious concept truly makes the introduction to art appreciation multi-sensory.

Along with each image, there is also a short rhyme. Children’s books are usually evaluated based on their illustrations. What better illustrator to introduce your child to than artists like Van Gogh and Monet.

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I love NaBloPoMo

Giving: Come Look With Me

November 4, 2010

I plan to do three book reviews this month, starting with the series titled “Come Look With Me,” published by Charlesbridge Publishing.

There are nine books in the series, each focusing on a different theme for the works of art covered in each book.

In each book there are several images of art, next to each image parents will find a series of question to help their children further explore the image they are seeing. Some of the questions are only asking for personal opinion, “What do you think the child in this image is feeling?” Some are more challenging, “Find a place in the image where the brush strokes all go in the same direction. Find a place where they go in different directions. Why do you think the artist  painted them in different ways?”

Both of my children love these books, and I like having the questions on the side as a “go to” for more discussion. Sometimes I get stuck at “Can you find a red circle,” it’s really neat to see the great questions and even more fun to hear your children’s answers.

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I love NaBloPoMo


March 25, 2010

Ok…trying to hold back my excitement. As you all know I am all about open-ended art, art which focuses on process over project. Well, the premier authority on open-ended art (in my opinion) Maryann Kohl has visited this site!!!! She has offered to let me give away one of her books to one of my lucky blog subscribers.

Features 50 of the most delightfully messy mud activities from the original Mudworks but with full Spanish translations alongside the English version.  Subscribe to this blog before April 1st and have a chance to win this book. The winner will be chosen through

Also, during the month of April I will be posting every day for 30 days (30 days of easel activities.)….so subsribe to this blog now for your daily dose of open-ended art.