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Toilet Paper Tubes and Tape

January 29, 2011

Nuff said – This occupied my four year old for over an hour. He taped and retaped many times. I thought about extending the experience by having him paint his sculpture (x-wing fighter.) He was more interested in building more things.


More Fun with Shaving Cream: Puffy Paint

December 30, 2010

For this activity mix equal parts glue and shaving cream in a pie tin.

Allow your child to paint with the mixture on to construction paper. The shaving cream glue mixture will  dry to a 3D masterpiece.

OR – get out those old snow boots and let your child stamp puffy paint shoe prints on their paper.

Cabin Fever Post #1: Zen Fun With Shaving Cream

December 29, 2010

Let me begin by saying…. shaving cream is not as messy as you might think (isn’t that right Katie?)

For a fun, sensory, and totally mess free activity spray an entire bottle of shaving cream on your kitchen table. The stuff from the dollar store works great! Let your child use the table as a canvass where they can draw in to the shaving cream. Throw in a bunch of googley eyes or jingle bells and they can form snow men from the shaving cream. The shaving cream will disappear right into their clothes as it dries, and is a piece of cake to wipe off of your tables.

My camp counselors introduced me to the beauty of shaving cream as a means to clean off tables after a messy craft activity.

Of course, just like frosty will melt as it gets hotter,  your children’s shaving cream creations will also disappear.

Sculpture Collage

December 23, 2010

have you been saving toilet paper rolls thinking, “someday I am going to use these for something?” Well today is your day. If you haven’t been saving them, just throw them in a drawer in your bathroom everytime a roll runs out. You will be surprised, amazed even at how quickly they will add up.

For this activity I had my son sponge paint every tube I had aquired. He loves this activity, you may recall that from a previous post. I put out a couple plates of paint and a few different types of sponges and let him at it.

Once the tubes are dry, cut them, or let your child cut them in to small rings.

Put tacky glue on a small plate or plastic lid. Let your child dip the rings in to the glue and affix to another piece of cardboard. As I have said before, cardboard is the best canvass for collage work. I get these long pieces of cardboard from the fabric store. I just ask the folks behind the fabric counter if they have any of them from when they finish cutting a bolt of fabric. They always do.

After a few hours the tacky glue was dry enough to stand the collage upright. This sculpture collage is now hanging in my kids playroom.

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It’s My Birthday! Yay!

November 13, 2010

It’s my birthday today! As a special gift, my children made this awesome mobile with the CD’s from yesterday’s project. Cool, no?

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Light: CD Suncatchers

November 12, 2010

What to do with all of those old non-rewritable CD’s that come with everything? With tackey glue and some shiny objects, your chidl can make beautiful sun catchers. In this photo we used some “Jewels” I had in my craft bin, but glitter glue and sequins work just as well.

Attach a string, and Voila, it’s an ornament that you can give to your in-laws.

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Family: Too Cute Place”cards”

November 9, 2010

Another nod to Family Fun Magazine which had these cuties in a recent issue. On the surface these look like a simple craft, which they are. However, you can tweak a craft activity to make it have more choice, and a little more open ended.

To begin, I put out 8 small plates of paint, all different colors. I only put about 1 tsp of paint on each plate. Then I put small sponges with varying textures on each plate. Finally I sat my four year old at the table with 20 toilet paper tubes and told him to have at it. He worked on his tubes for about 45 minutes…..I only intervened to add more paint to the plates as needed. He stoppd only when he ran out of tubes, I know he could have done hundreds, he was enjoying the activity so much.

After the tubes dried I constructed the figures with left over felt pieces (Family Fun recommends baby socks,) and pictures of family members. Voila! Totally cute and funnny place”cards.”

If you like this activity share it with a few friends.

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Giving: Pomander Fail and Then Success

November 8, 2010

My kids and I did not make the Pomander pictured here, but it was what I had intended. I thought the skin of a navel orange would be soft enough for the fingers of my 4 and 7 year old ot oush whole cloves into. I tried with my 4 year old, no luck. “Oh well,” I thought, “maybe this project will be for my 7 year old.” Fail #2.

Then I had a brainstorm…..the Applesauce Cinnamon dough I had made a few days earlier…would be the perfect consistency to make small pomanders. Both of my kids were able to make small balls out of 1 – 2 tbsp of the dough. Then I gave them each cloves to push in to their dough balls. I then gently rolled each one ot make sure the cloves were fully in. They dried on a drying rack in 2 days. 

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Giving: Cinnamon Applesauce Dough

November 2, 2010

10 years ago my friend made me Applesauce Cinnamon dough ornaments for the holidays. They still smell incredible.

To make the dough mix equal parts applesauce and cinnamon. THATS IT!!!! Sometimes you might have to add a tiny bit more cinnamon.

Let your kids knead the amazingly wonderful scented dough. Let them shape as they want or use cookie cutters. Use a small pencil to make a hole at the top of your shape for a ribbon if you want to hang them.

Make it a bit more open ended allowing children to use tacky glue to glue on multi-colored soup beans, once the decorations are dry.

Dry the “cookies” on a cookie drying rack for several days. You may have to flip them to make sure they dry all the way through.  It could take up to seven days for the shapes to dry, so make sure your family knows they are NOT edible.

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