Family: Too Cute Place”cards”

Another nod to Family Fun Magazine which had these cuties in a recent issue. On the surface these look like a simple craft, which they are. However, you can tweak a craft activity to make it have more choice, and a little more open ended.

To begin, I put out 8 small plates of paint, all different colors. I only put about 1 tsp of paint on each plate. Then I put small sponges with varying textures on each plate. Finally I sat my four year old at the table with 20 toilet paper tubes and told him to have at it. He worked on his tubes for about 45 minutes…..I only intervened to add more paint to the plates as needed. He stoppd only when he ran out of tubes, I know he could have done hundreds, he was enjoying the activity so much.

After the tubes dried I constructed the figures with left over felt pieces (Family Fun recommends baby socks,) and pictures of family members. Voila! Totally cute and funnny place”cards.”

If you like this activity share it with a few friends.

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3 Responses to “Family: Too Cute Place”cards””

  1. Alissa Says:

    Very cute. I think the tubes would pack decently to take to our families that live out of town.

  2. Necolle Says:

    I like this – I’m thinking of tweaking it just a bit more – adding feathers to the back and a turkey head on the side, or a pilgrim hat on top and using them for place settings at Thanksgiving…

  3. poetgranny Says:

    Very fun. Love this idea.

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